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Smart charger and 5V portable power supply

  Nowadays almost every electronic gadgets are powered or recharged by a USB port (full size, mini o micro) as well as many of consumer products we use every day, including our smartphone. To recharge or give power to such … Continue reading

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Arduino shields adapter for mbed

Everyone knows the versatility of arduino shields and the power of mbed boards so why don’t to design an adapter which allows to use arduino shields with mbed? This is the schematic of our version of such adapter: As you … Continue reading

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mbed application board

Mbed family has grown in the last months and nowadays the available platforms include different solutions furthermore the chipsets and the MCUs on this amazing hardware are not only made by NXP but there are many other important players like … Continue reading

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ChipKIT Pi

Microchip and element14 designed a very useful board which will add more power to your Raspberry Pi. The chipKIT Pi board has been developed in order to allow users to create advanced applications like touch sensing, audio processing and¬†sophisticated control, … Continue reading

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Blink without delay: Microchip PIC12F683 and 4 leds

Microchip is one of the most important MCU manufacturer and in our opinion this company produces the best price to performance ratio¬†8, 16 and 32 bit microcontrollers available on the market. Today we wanna show you how to blink three … Continue reading

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