How to use Open Electronics WIFI shield with Digilent UNO32


Arduino WIFI shield made by open electronics can be used with Arduino as well as with Digilent UNO32,892,893&Prod=CHIPKIT-UNO32 using the WIFI library available at

To use this shield with UNO32 there are few modifications required:

  1. use a small drill bit with a diameter of 6mm in order to remove the connections between MRF24WB0MA pin 7 “RESET” and pin 5 “RST” on the ICSP connector which trace is connected to the “RESET” pin on the power connector shield. Remove connection between pin 23 “SSN” of MRF24WB0MA WIFI module and D10 (look at Figure 1 and Figure 2 for further details);
  2. connect pin36 on UNO32 and pin 10 on the wifi shield;
  3. connect pin 5 of the ICSP and pin 23 on MRF24WB0MA.
  4. change the code used by UNO32 WIFI library from:

// #include <WiFiShieldOrPmodWiFi.h>
#include <WiFiShieldOrPmodWiFi_G.h>


 #include <WiFiShieldOrPmodWiFi.h>
//#include <WiFiShieldOrPmodWiFi_G.h>

Figure 1

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 2

Special thanks to Open Electronics for pictures availability.

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