DIY milliohmmeter

DIY MILLIOHMMETERThis is an example of a simple and cheap milliohmmeter that can be made by every maker. The core of the circuit are a current source (LT3092) and a current sense (INA225): a costant current flows through the milliohm resistor under test and the voltage at the current sense output gives the value of the resistor (V=R*I). Continue reading

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Riitek GB01 and Rii Mini i7


Today we’d like to introduce you a couple of new items developed by Riitek: a bluetooth car kit with FM audio connection (model GB01) and a wireless air mouse remote (model Rii Mini i7). Continue reading

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Smart charger and 5V portable power supply


SMART CHARGERNowadays almost every electronic gadgets are powered or recharged by a USB port (full size, mini o micro) as well as many of consumer products we use every day, including our smartphone. To recharge or give power to such products, there are many portable rechargers which have a rechargeable lithium battery and the electronics necessary to convert the battery voltage to 5V and to recharge the internal cell. The cost of these smart chargers is very affordable but we’re hardware makers, aren’t we? So why don’t to do it by ourselves to give power to our Raspberry Pi, arduino or Beaglebone black? We’ll show you a possible way to design one of these intelligent portable power supply. Continue reading

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Hardware Makers has been awarded site of the day on Online Geeks

Hardware MakersHardware Makers has been awarded site of the day on Online Geeks

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Arduino shields adapter for mbed

MBED_ADAPTEREveryone knows the versatility of arduino shields and the power of mbed boards so why don’t to design an adapter which allows to use arduino shields with mbed? This is the schematic of our version of such adapter:

schematicAs you can see it is compatible with both mbed LPC1768 ( and mbed LPC11U24 ( and has a USB type A connector and a ethernet connector, useful in your projects with TCP/IP and LPC1768. A DC plug and a 5V LDO regulator Reg1117 has been added to supply power  to the mbed and to the shield in a very easy way, if you don’t want to use the USB as a power supply.

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