High voltage differential probe MICSIG DP10007

There are many high voltage differential probe on the market, most of them pretty expensive. If you want to have a good product very cost effective, with an impressive performance cost ratio, Micsig could have one you’re looking for. We’ve tested DP10007, a probe useful for differential measurements up to 700V, with 100MHz bandwidth, with a selectable attenuation of 10X and 100X (gain accuracy is ±2%). DP 100007 is USB powered therefore it is possible to use USB port on your DSO to supply power to it. Micsig sells their probes with a plastic carrying case and all the well made measurement tools you could require during its use.

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How to repair an analog oscilloscope using a multimeter only

Today analog oscilloscopes have been completely replaced by digital ones, however the fascination of such vintage stuff cannot be explained to those who have never used one. This is not a debate about which one is better: nowadays all kind of measurements are performed using DSO and is very difficult to find out an old glorious analog scope. If you have it and if it isn’t working, before throwing it away think that you have in your hands an old electronic device made by BJT, JFET, diodes, discrete components and a few logic gates, flip flop and multivibrators, that kind of stuff that you can fix by yourself. Continue reading

DIY milliohmmeter

DIY MILLIOHMMETERThis is an example of a simple and cheap milliohmmeter that can be made by every maker. The core of the circuit are a current source (LT3092) and a current sense (INA225): a costant current flows through the milliohm resistor under test and the voltage at the current sense output gives the value of the resistor (V=R*I). Continue reading