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Openpicus introduced FlyportPRO, a new board designed to help you to develop your IOT applications in the fastest and easiest way. As for all the Openpicus’ products, FlyportPRO has been designed around the powerful WIFI modules and MCUs made by Microchip: MRF24WG0MA/B and PIC24FJ256GB206. The PRO version is smaller than the Flyport version, thanks to a new layout: the WIFI module is now on the top and the MCU has been moved to the bottom of the PCB; the new connectors (female instead of male) have helped to shrink the dimensions. The MCU is still one of the PIC24F family, in our opinion one of the best 16 BIT MCU available on the market; looking in details, the MCU on FlyportPRO is similar to the one on the Flyport (PIC24FJ256GA106) however the PIC24FJ256GB206 has more RAM memory (96K vs 16 KB), useful in professional applications.

A STARTERKIT FLYPORTPRO WIFI board has been designed to help you in rapid prototyping with the FlyportPRO:


More details are available at

We will write more in the future about the products developed by Openpicus.

Stay tuned!

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