High voltage differential probe MICSIG DP10007

There are many high voltage differential probe on the market, most of them pretty expensive. If you want to have a good product very cost effective, with an impressive performance cost ratio, Micsig could have one you’re looking for. We’ve tested DP10007, a probe useful for differential measurements up to 700V, with 100MHz bandwidth, with a selectable attenuation of 10X and 100X (gain accuracy is ±2%). DP 100007 is USB powered therefore it is possible to use USB port on your DSO to supply power to it. Micsig sells their probes with a plastic carrying case and all the well made measurement tools you could require during its use.

Input referred noise is pretty low, ≤15mVrms (10X)≤60mVrms(100X) therefore you can use the probe to perform differential measurements on low voltage circuits (maximum output voltage is 7V).

Using the probe it’s easy to visually check main supply distorsion:

main supply waveform compared to a pure sinusoidal waveform

As visible on the above picture, the main supply network exibhit a waveform distorsion, which is easily visible using e.g. a Micsig DP10007 and an oscilloscope, comparing the main supply waveform with a pure sine waveform, to see how such distorsion is relevant.

Special thanks, for sold us the Micsig probe with a dedicated discount code, to batterfly.

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