Kicad 6

Kicad 6 is out! Thank you to the developer team, finally the latest and most performant Kicad version is now available to every one who want an opensource alternative to Eaglecad and others closed tools to make our boards. The official downloading page for Linux, WIndows, macOS and freeBSD is avaliable here:

Kicad 6 (the version available at time we’re writing is 6.0.1) add many new features, improvements as well as bugs that have been fixed over the 5 series. KiCad 6.0 features a refreshed user interface, in order to no longer feels like you are using two different tools when switching between the schematic and PCB editors; Kicad’s schematic now is very closed to the PCB editor, because it shares the same way of object selection and manipulation and has received dozens of new features. A new custom design rule system allows complex design rules to be defined, including area-specific rules, layer-specific rules, and other constraints required for advanced designs. Improvements have also been made in the importing/exporting tool, and Altium Designer files can be now natively managed without the use of external plugins. The complete list of changes can be found here:

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