Riitek mini Rii, the perfect keyoboards for Raspberry PI and MK802

COVER_One of the most appreciated features of Raspberry PI and MK802 are the combination of the power and their small dimensions. They can work with any kind of USB or wireless keyboard but their perfect companion is one of the Riitek mini Rii keyboard family http://www.riitek.com/product.asp

The picture shows the keyboards dimensions compared to the ones of the boards.

We had tested the Riitek Rii mini i6 and mini i8 both wireless version at 2.4 GHz. The first step to do before the use is to recharge the internal lithium battery. It’s very simple to perform such task by using the mini USB connector on the top of the mini i8 and on the left hand side of the mini i6.

Rii mini i6 mini USB connector and power switch

Rii mini i6 mini USB connector and power switch

Rii mini i8 mini USB connector and power switch

Rii mini i8 mini USB connector and power switch

Both keyboards have a battery charging status LED which is red during charging and is off when the battery is fully charged.

Charging status LED

Charging status LED

Both keyboards use a USB RTX dongle which has to be connected to the pc or linux/android system USB port. The one of the Rii mini i8 is inside the back cover:



The keyboards are automatically recognized by every OS and no drivers or settings are required (tested on Raspian running on Raspberry PI, Android on MK802, Fedora linux and Windows 7). Both models have the full charset and the functions of a full size keyboard and incorporate a mouse with the left and right buttons and the scrolling wheel. They also feature an auto sleep and wake up function which extends the battery life and reduces the charging intervals: if there is a long period of inactivity, the keyboard will automatically go into a sleep mode which can be exited by pressing any key.

The Rii mini i6 have extra features we like very much: first of all the keyboard is provided with a set of programmable buttons on the back which transform the Riitek in a remote control:


Rii mini i6 back

The programming method is pretty simple: press the Set1/Set2 (you can add into keyboard memory two different type of remote controls) for 3 seconds,  the remote’s light will be flash one time then will stay on, now you have to put your remote control in front of the mini i6, press the button you want to program and then the one which perform the required action on the original remote control. Remote’s light will be flash 3 times then will stay on. Repeat for the other functions. That’s it.

Another useful feature is the backlight on the mini i6 which can be easily activated when necessary by pressing on the light button, located on the left top of the keyboard:


Rii mini i6 backlight button

Finally on the mini i6 is possible to switch the touchpad between the horizontal and the vertical position by holding the function (Fn) button and the key with the rotate symbol, useful function when we want to use the keyboard rotated.


Rii mini i6 touchpad rotate function button

The manufacture of both models is very accurate as well as the constructive details and the design is really attractive. The Riitek support is really good and they will assist you in case you will need any suggestions to use their keyboards in the best way. In the future will present other of Riitek products.

We want to thanks Riitek which supported us and made the review possible. You can find the keyboards from the official resellers. The products with the italian layout we tested, can be purchased by the official italian reseller, reachable at http://www.riitek.eu/ and on amazon:


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