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Smart charger and 5V portable power supply

  Nowadays almost every electronic gadgets are powered or recharged by a USB port (full size, mini o micro) as well as many of consumer products we use every day, including our smartphone. To recharge or give power to such … Continue reading

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ChipKIT Pi

Microchip and element14 designed a very useful board which will add more power to your Raspberry Pi. The chipKIT Pi board has been developed in order to allow users to create advanced applications like touch sensing, audio processing and sophisticated control, … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi vs all

A comparison of some of the most popular development board available to the hobbyists. Raspberry Pi is one of the most known board in the hobbyist world and it is easy to guess why: its success is mainly lead by … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi SD slot replacement

Maybe you have already experienced the “red LED only” issue with your Raspberry Pi. If you are sure that everything is ok (power supply, SD card, OS files) maybe you have a SD card slot issue: the plastic sides of … Continue reading

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Raspberry PI opensource video surveillance with Zoneminder

  Rasperri Pi was mainly designed to be used by young people who want to learn and discover the electronics and programming world without investing big amount of money. The latest improved version which has a 512 MB RAM available … Continue reading

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