The italian way to be makers

MakersItaly, the three days fair dedicated to the new concept of making, has closed sunday evening: the italian community of makers is growing and is healty. Many people, mainly makers as well as curious, visited this very important fair for the italian DIY movement. The slogan of the fair was “don’t be bored……. do something!” which well represent the spirit of the italian makers who was there. Every day all around the world analysts are more convinced about the importance of the innovation and the new business models of this revolution which can be a great opportunity for the ones who want to use their own skills to trasform the passion in business. Not everyone can or is interested in turning this passion into an advantageous business; anyway these skills are definitely a good way to spread knowledge. Words cannot be explicit like the pictures, so we want to show you the most important things we seen at makersItaly through our pictures: Continue reading